Hi, I'm Jodie. My main fandoms;
doctor who / sherlock / supernatural / hannibal / glee / star trek / LOTR / all things marvel
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thunderstruckofasgard said:
hey man thank you for the follow you're awesome and your blog is just cool as hell ◕‿◕)っ ♥

🙊🙉🙈 ahhhh, firstly thank you so much, you are a mega cutie. Secondly, you’re very welcome and your blog is awesome. And thirdly, thank you for initially following me in the first place 😊

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i am not a good dalek. y o u a r e a g o o d d a l e k.

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Listen, it’s lovely talking to you but I really got to get on. I’m a caretaker now. Look, I got a brush!

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Kevin Tran + pet names/nicknames.
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in the flesh meme: [2/5] characters:
↳ simon monroe.

"Ever been so depressed you felt like every nerve ending in your body was exposed, red and raw? "

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Whoever he used to be and the guy he his now…
I don’t think he’s the kind you save, he’s the kind you stop.

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of course people don’t like danny pink.

a poc character who’s becoming three dimensional who actually calls the doctor on some of his bullshit and treats clara respectfully and lovingly and doesn’t care in the end if she time travels so long as she confides in him if the doctor pushes her too far because he knows what that’s like and honestly thinks clara is badass and possibly a space lady and he has backstory and teaches MATH WTF and knows that he has to be good enough to deserve CLARA not the other way around and wow

people haven’t been asking for a character like that for ages or anything

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